Max-mixture line(250 Kg/H)

Max-mixture lines

Max-mixture line(250 Kg/H)
Mixture Series
  Depositing Speed Moulds Power  Cooling Water Tower Dimension
No.1.1 3-6 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 350 sets 34.0 Kw ≥15 T 12.9m* 1.3m* 2.4m
No.1.2 6-12 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 350 sets 44.0 Kw ≥15 T 15.9m* 1.3m* 2.4m

Max-Mixture Line(250kg/h) (Type: MT1)

1.      Capacity: ≤250kg/h

2.      Mixture materials include: crushed nuts, crispy rice, dried fruit etc.

3.      Mixture proportion and add materials automatically

4.      Depositing precision: ≤±0.5g(under 10g for crushed nuts)

5.      Rice chocolate can float in water

6.      Demold and pack into box automatically.

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