Advanced of chocolate Light CNC Depositing Tech

Light CNC Depositing Technology---finish one time depositing in 2 seconds

The emergence of European CNC depositing technology has brought a broader product space to the global chocolate.The depositing moving part weighs more than 150 kg.The power consumption and maintenance cost of the equipment is very high because of its heavy load.

How to solve this problem ?
    "Light CNC Depositing Technology" developed by the g&d solved the problem, reducing the load of more than 150 kg to only 6 kg. The quick movement of the depositing plate can finish one time depositing in 2 seconds. It has been developed and applied for more than ten years.    
    Compared with heavy CNC equipment, light CNC depositing machine has brought obvious capacity improvement and considerable cost reduction to users. So that users can get back equipment investment costs much faster.

g&d "Light CNC Depositing Technology" has got recognition from international chocolate brands including Mars, Hershey and Godiva Chinese factory. Some of their products have been produced by this technology and equipment.

Light CNC technology not only brings faster depositing speed to chocolate production, but also brings more benefits to users:

One Shot depositor can be easily upgraded to decoration depositor at a very low cost, saving more equipment purchasing costs for users

The power consumption of the light CNC depositor is less than 7Kw, but the same type of heavy CNC equipment is around 17kw. The huge power consumption difference will save a lot cost for users. The low-power servo system, motion screw, depositing plate and other parts have longer life and low replacement cost.

The depositing precision of light CNC depositor can be up to ±0.1g; any number of depositing pistons can be used as required without disassembling the depositing rod; the cleaning mode, synchronous belt and chain plate conveying structure of the depositor make the equipment very easy to clean; the depositing plate can be replaced very easy and fast.

The programming of products is relatively easy.10 different product programs can be stored in the PLC.1000 product programs can be stored if use a USB interface.

There are more than 10 different types depositors to meet the different production needs of users;

If you want to know more advantages of light CNC depositing technology,  or interested in visiting our chocolate factory on line to see our real time production, please contact our export manager.

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