More value of Chocolate Linear Modular Design

"Linear Modular Design"——gives the production line unlimited future
"Linear Modular Design"——It gives more functions to chocolate line, which has unlimited new chocolate products in the future.
Before the birth of modular chocolate equipment in Europe, almost all chocolate production lines fixed the mold on the chain, which made the production line into a closed production system and lack of flexibility, the production line is difficult to add new functions in line with the future development.Since the introduction of modular equipment by Swiss KNOBEL and AWEMA in 1999, chocolate production line becomes flexible and open system.Molding Technology become the trend of chocolate production line, almost all the advanced chocolate production is designed as modular.
Based on the same modular concept,the difference with Knobel and Awema  "ring modular design" is that g&d “Linear Modular Design" brings more practical value to users——free, fast and low cost.The open production system can meet the new production needs and bring unlimited product future for users through rapid re-combinaton.
"Linear Modular Design" not only brings users a fast and convenient production experience, but also brings users more practical value: 
The linear upper and lower layer design makes full use of the space.The same workshop can accommodate more production lines, and workshop capacity can be double.
Production line layout can be as “ L”, “S”,”U”,or ”Y” through turning equipment, easy to meet different size of production workshop.

There is Fault Detection and Start-up System on the production line,the line will stop if a modular machine has fault and re-start after troubleshooting, the mold will resume operation on the production line. 

Most of the functional machines can be re-positioned easily and fast to meet more production needs. 
There are more than 50 functional modules in g&d to meet the growing product needs of users .g&d technology innovation and R & D capabilities are recognized by Hershey China, Nestle China, Mars China and other international chocolate brands.The continuous development of technology provides strong support for the future development of users. 
Linear Modular Design is the most advanced design concept of all modular design.g&d is the originator and developer of this design, which infuses the real modular gene into chocolate modular production line and helps users to obtain more market shares and gives users unlimited product future.
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