Mixture More Materials into Chocolate Depositing Tech

Mixture Chocolate Production Line---For Mars and Hershey's in China

 g&d original technology——Mixture Depositor

The chocolate mixture depositor unit of g&d got strict evaluation of Hershey and Mars, which is being used to produce KISSES for Hershey and crisp cartoon bar for Mars.wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. Beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, jar etc.

What are the characteristics of the g&d mixture depositor unit?

The mixture depositor unit is one of the original technology of g&d. It can be adapted to many kinds of mixed materials, such as crispy rice, nuts, cookies, coconut, dried soft fruit, etc.The mixed particles are large, the proportion of mixed materials is high, and the error of depositing weight is small.This kind depositor is well received by users.

The on-line mixing and dynamic balance technology, that is, different mixtures maintain a small gram weight error by setting different mixing ratio speed to maintain the relative mixture liquid level height.

g&d mixture depositor structure has patent, can be adapted to different mixed materials, such as the whole peanut or hazelnut.Proportion of mixture, such as chips and cereal with specific gravity smaller than chocolate ,can make chocolate float in water.

g&d mixture depositor unit consists of mixture machine and continuous mixing system,the two equipment intelligent work together.If users need larger products, they can configure one more mixture depositor to increase production capacity.

g&d chocolate factory cooperates with Hershey R&D department to provide trial production of their new mixed materials, and complete persistent production test through constant improvement of equipment and process.

Please follow up official website of g&d to learn about technology innovation.

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