Large capacity solution for Chocolate Moulding Line (Nestle China)

Provide big capacity demolding solution for Nestle China--Hsu Fu Chi

One of the successful cases of g&d is to provide a large capacity demoulding for Nestle in China --Hsu Fu Chi, which needs to support the demoulding capacity up to 40 molds per minute for KNOBEL and AWEMA CNC deposit units.
Since g&d did not have a mature precedent for large capacity equipment at that time, Nestle Hsu Fu Chi can not be sure whether the capability, the stability and reliability of the equipment is qualified or not, which is a big challenging cooperation for both sides
Although it is very difficult to meet so fast demolding speed,the difficulties are still increasing. Nestle Hsu Fu Chi has 20 sets of new and old molds to be demoulded on the equipment, and the bottom structure of the mold is different.The demoulding slope of some molds is not sufficient, and the high demoulding rate should be taken into account in the high speed demoulding process.
Although it is so challenging, Hsu Fu Chi is very interested in the technical solutions of g&d at last.
The equipment is delivered on time according to the equipment quality standard of Nestle-Hsu Fu Chi.It needs to be tested both by empty machine and with material before entering the workshop.
After entering the workshop, the equipment was quickly commissioned and immediately entered the production state.The speed gradually accelerated:15 molds/m,21 molds/m,24 molds/m until the compressed air can not meet so fast speed.The packing lines increased from 3,4 to 8 lines to match with the production.
Nestle-Hsu Fu Chi requires 24 hours continuous production of equipment.It is the first equipment developed by g&d for Nestle-Hsu Fu Chi, which is a great test for the reliability and stability of g&d equipment.
24 hours production day 1, day 2, day 3... Day 7,the equipment experienced 7 days and 7 nights of continuous production test.
The equipment has been approved by Nestle Hsu Fu Chi, g&d technical capability and equipment quality has been highly recognized by customers.

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