CHocolate Multispecies solution (love confectionary UK)

Multi-variety decoration chocolate production solution

Love Confectionary is a UK company that produces natural cocoa butter chocolate.They produce nearly 200 decoration styles a year, but a small quantity for each style.More than 500 workers are needed to decorate manually.There is still a shortage of decoration workers when production orders are increasing.So Love Confectionary needs automatic decoration solution very urgently.
Love Confectionary, as a UK company, is very strict about inspection for g&d.In 2011, the company and equipment manager visited g&d and let us show them our production demonstration.g&d completed the demonstration of decoration with a depositing accuracy of 0.1 g by excellent decoration technology although the chocolate production environment was not so perfect.
The Love Confectionary does not use traditional PC mold, but PET mold.PET mold is soft, the cumulative error between the center of the product in the mold is far more than the PC mold, which is very difficult for the decoration products with high accuracy of product position.Through continuous technological innovation, g&d helped Love Confectionary solve problems which is unable to resolve by themselves.
There are nearly 200 kinds products a year in Love Confectionary.How to store so many products programs on equipment is one of the difficult problems.Technical team of g&d helped users solve this problem very quickly.More than 1000 products programs can be stored on the equipment.
The g&d decoration technology has been further enhanced under  requirements of Love Confectionary.The decoration production line got acceptance and quickly helped Love Confectionary improve the efficiency. 80% of the production capacity was completed by the g&d decoration production line to replace about 300 workers.

Please follow official website of g&d to learn about more technology innovation.

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