Chocolate Multi-function demolding & traying Tech

Technology for All Chocolate Demolding
One of the original technologies of g&d--multi-function demolding machine

g&d demolding machine really can be adapted to all chocolate demolding?
Yes, so what are the functions of this multifunctional demoulding machine created by the g&d technical team?
Vacuum demolding  The vacuum sucker pulls the product out of the mold and  place them neatly on the belt.
Vacuum docking  If you need the product to face up, the vacuum docking system can overturn the product.
3D demolding  Uncover system can automatically open the top cover of the 3D mold,take out the product from the spherical, egg shape mold.The mold will book together automatically before the heating process.
Knock demolding  If it is a mushroom, ice cream bar or small chocolate which are not suitable for vacuum demoulding, they will be demold by knocking.
Packing  The product can be packed into box directly after demolding.
Overturn and Cleaning  If residual chocolate chip or incomplete demolded chocolate left in the mold, the mold can be overturned to clean.
Mold Twisting  The mold can be twisted to demold easily.
Mold heating  The machine also has the function of heating mould, the temperature, time and speed can be adjusted.
Not only that, the demoulding speed is very fast.The speed of latest standard demoulding machine can reach 14 molds per minute.For example, 2D cone mold, 10g, 450 mmX230mm, 96pcs in a mold, if 12 molds per minute,the demoulding capacity  is nearly 700 kg/h.
If users need bigger capacity, g&d has solution to reach 22-24 molds per minute very easily.
If it is spherical, egg shape and other 3 D products, the speed of a single demoulding machine can reach 5-7 mold per minute,10-14 mold for large capacity solution.
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