Wafer & Biscuit Chocolate Multi-function Production Lines

WAFER FILLING print chocolate line(MF-PR)

WAFER FILLING print chocolate line(MF-PR)
WAFER FILLING print chocolate line(MF-PR)
WAFER FILLING print chocolate line(MF-PR)
WAFER FILLING print chocolate line(MF-PR)



☑ Printed chocolate making machines or wafer chocolate production lines will bring more products and market share to users. In addition, it is also a printing chocolate production line and cookie chocolate making machine, which can be freely expanded to meet the chocolate innovation needs of users for 20 years or more.
How can it be easier to successfully innovate chocolate? It is being upgraded.
Do you know about printed chocolate? Yes, a p-flush picture on a chocolate face.
Maybe you don't know about printing chocolate yet. Well, let's take a look.
Print cute images on chocolate face. Chocolate has more stories.

Our technology and creativity can be upgraded with cookie stuffing chocolate through printing.

This will help chocolate producers sell better.

Sweet chocolate, delicious cookies, more beautiful pictures.

Product and technical features

■ Wafer filling or cookie filling chocolate can improve the taste.

Printing pictures can make chocolate more competitive.

Feed wafer or biscuit technology for G&D chocolate factories.

G&D offers more feeding solutions for special wafers or biscuits.

Do you want to know how to make this printing and cookie-filled chocolate?

Printed and cookie-filled chocolate is produced on this line.

Biscuit feeder

Demoulding and palletizing

This is printing and cookie filling chocolate lines look a little different, right?

Yes, this is a very freely combinable modular production line.

It can be flexibly combined according to the needs of the production process.

Our technical team is the founder and developer of this technology.

Analogues from Mars, Hershey and Godiva have also been produced by the S-series.

Let's take a look at the features of this production line

It is "linear modular design". The magic of this design is that it makes this styling line very flexible and can produce almost all chocolate now and in the future.

The production line occupies only 50% of the space of the ring modular equipment, and the same workshop will create more capacity for users.

■ The production line adopts CNC decoration technology, and the energy consumption is only about 65% of the heavy-duty CNC production line, which saves considerable operating costs for users.

Biscuits are automatically online and feeded, automatic demolding and traying, making production more automated.

Rich functional modules support the future development of users, enabling them to flexibly expand the required functions and capacities.

Advanced design and mature technology, making installation and commissioning very easy, users can easily handle the installation and production of equipment;

There are 2 types of production lines: 5-6 molds/m and 10-12 molds/m

Let's take a look at the machines included in the production line and what are the characteristics of these devices?

Multifunctional release machine

■ Multi-function: vacuum demolding, mold tapping and automatic packing to meet the demolding needs of different products of users.

■ Fast demolding speed: max 14mold/m, bigger capacity is also available.

■ Heating machine: mold heating, accurate temperature controlling, sufficient hot air circulation, the parameter setting is flexible and convenient.


Multi-function decoration depositor 

■ Compared with 150kg heavy depositor moving parts, the weight of the light CNC depositor moving parts is less than 10 Kg, and the running is light and fast, the energy consumption and using cost are greatly reduced, and the reliability is greatly improved.

The standard depositor is equipped with 48 sets pistons, depositing accuracy can be up to ±0.1g. Bigger capacity is also available.

■ Decoration speed is normally 6-12 mold/min, it varies according to the different shapes and decoration colors.

Vibration machine

■ Vibration and swing, two ways for choice to balance material according to different material. 

Pre cooling tunnel 

■ Using lifting technology, customer can choose pre-cooling or pass it directly if the product do not need pre-cooling;

■ All stainless steel material, 48 molds can be accommodated, precooling temperature, operating speed and other parameters can be set as request.

■ Refrigeration integrated machine, when recombining the production line, no need to connect another pipeline, the machine can be re-positioned flexibly.

Biscuit Feeding Machine 

■ Biscuit Feeding by vacuum.

■ Flexible design, the machine can be adapted to different biscuit feeding.

■ biscuit feeding success rate is high and speed is 5-6 mold/min, we can also provide bigger capacity solution 10-12 mold/min.

Energy saving final cooling tunnel

■ Lifting structure and advance design concept, this machine is suitable for different height product.

■ Good humidity controlling enable it is good for biscuit chocolate making.

■ High efficiency, max 14 mold/min, excellent refrigeration and energy saving. 

No. Capacity
Products quantity(pcs)/mold Shapes(pcs)/mold
1 5-6 23.5X1.46X2.56  42.6 24-48 1-3
2 10-12 26.5X1.46X2.56  48.5 24-48 1-3

You must want to know what else products can be made on this line?

One shot, Mixture, one shot & decorative chocolate can be made by this line only need to change another depositing plate and demolding plate.

We also have more multi-functional modular machines to help users realize the desired product.

Our modular technology and innovation ability will keep chocolate line advanced for many years.

For more information about the production line, or you want to visit the production process on line,please contact our export manager.

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