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Whether you want to buy chocolate mill machine or chocolate molding line, some Chinese brands chocolate mill machine & chocolate molding line is your good choice. There are many advantages to choosing chocolate machine opportunities made in China. These advantages include innovation, solution, price, quality, transportation, and delivery. So if you are looking for a good chocolate machine manufacturer, then we suggest you read this article carefully. This article will allow you to learn China’s Top 10 brands chocolate machine manufacturer introductions and also let you know which company is good at what type chocolate machine.


Business address

Ningbo factory: No .25-1, Dongwu Da'ao Industrial Zone, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China.

Sichuan factory: No.5 Building, Baolun Road, Jiangyou City, Sichuan, China.

Main products

Multi-function Chocolate CNC Modular Design Molding line Series

  1. Wafer & Biscuit Chocolate Multi-function molding Lines
  2. One Shot Chocolate Multi-function molding Lines
  3. Decoration Chocolate Multi-function molding Lines
  4. Max-mixture Chocolate Multi-function molding Lines
  5. Shell Molding Chocolate Multi-function molding Lines


Company Profile

g&d has been devoted to advanced chocolate CNC modular design Molding lines 20 years, g&d’s original modular technology is difference between KNOBEL or AWEMA(They’re famous modular design chocolate molding line manufacturer in the world), but recognized by famous chocolate brands such as Hershey, Mars, Nestle, Godiva and service for their Chinese factory.

Why do these famous chocolate brands cooperate with g&d? Because g&d have five industry chain factories professional devoted to chocolate molding technology. g&d chocolate research factory makes the equipment reliable and perfect, innovation at your fingertips. Sichuan factory has good R&D capability service many famous chocolate brands. Ningbo factory supply high quality chocolate molding lines and after-service for users in the world. g&d mold factory design great chocolate shapes and high quality chocolate mold.

For more and more customers cooperate with g&d, they think g&d is not only the best professional chocolate molding line manufacturer in China, but also g&d bring more and more chocolate business opportunities and good production solution for them.

due to the excellent professionalism of g&d in the chocolate moulding line,many other chocolate equipment and packing machine suppliers have good cooperation with g&d.g&d can recommend  the most professional equipment manufacturer if you need.

Welcome to visit our


Business addressNo. 5109, East Taihu Road, Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China.

Main products: Chocolate Conche, Chocolate Holding Tank, Chocolate Enrobing Line, Chocolate Moulding Line(Traditional chain mode), Chocolate Ball Milling Machine.

Company Profile

Suzhou Golden Eagle Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, with a history of more than 10 years. Golden Eagle is manufacturing almost chocolate equipment and is good at chocolate enrobing line.

"Golden Eagle Machinery, the Elite Machinery Enterprise". The brand new workshops and office of our factory are embosomed in the hills, which makes an excellent surrounding. Golden Eagle Machinery is equipped with complete processing facilities. Also we have a strong technical force in designing and manufacturing. In 2003, we successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 quality certification. Our "Taihu Golden Eagle" serial products won "Famous Brand Products" of Suzhou City in 2004.        In May,2006. We successfully passed product Certification of the European Union(CE). Our products are sold well all over China as well as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, Russia and Africa etc.

The major products of the corporation are: chocolate conches, chocolate holding tanks, chocolate enrobing machines, automatic chocolate stick extruding line, chocolate molding machines(Traditional chain mode), chocolate mass delivery pump, LMT my likes chocolate core forming machines, continuous chocolate temperature adjusters, chocolate ball mills, fat melting tanks, bending conveyors, high-speed sugar pulverize machine, polishing machines, concave form biscuit center filling machine etc.


Business address: No. 2, Yongan Road, Huguan Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu City, Jiangsu,China.

Main products: Chocolate Conche, Chocolate Storage Tank, Chocolate Cooling Tunnel, Chocolate Enrobing Line, Chocolate Tempering Machine, Chocolate Moulding Machine(Traditional chain mode), Candy Production Line.

Company Profile

Gusu Food Processing Machinery Suzhou Co.,Ltd, is a professional enterprise producing complete set of equipment for chocolate and candy. Gusu is manufacturing almost chocolate equipment and is good at chocolate cereal bars molding line.

The factory is located in the famous historic and cultural Suzhou city, at High and New-tech District, with beautiful scenery and convenient transport, more than 60,00 square meters space occupation, advanced scientific research and processing team, well-equipped testing facilities.

Gusu insists on a corporate philosophy of people-oriented, be loyal to customers and credit management, They aim at the first-class equipment and technologies worldwide in the industry, also connected with the food industry, scientific and technological enterprises, and universities to make continuous improvements, innovations, and development of the products in order to provide better service to customers. Products are sold all over China and more than 80 countries and regions.


Business address: No.658 Mozhi(N) Rd, Dongqian lake industry developing zone, Ningbo China. 

Main products: Starch Mogul Production line, Chocolate one shot molding line, Chocolate decoration depositor, Chocolate Packing Machine, Chocolate Coating Machine, Jelly molding line, Candy bar production line.

Company Profile

Ningbo Huadong Machinery Co., Ltd situated in Ningbo where is modern seaport city. Huadong Machinery is only 15-minute ride from the airport and 25-minute ride from Beilun seaport.

Huadong Machinery is specializing in starch mogul production line, candy machines, chocolate molding line and packing machine etc. Huadong Machinery is good at starch mogul production line, chocolate modular design one shot molding line and chocolate coating machine.

Huadong Machinery is geared to the service for clients all over the world. With enterprise credit and manufacturing innovation as its guideline, Huadong has been incorporating its pursuit of choice candy machines into the concrete standards and regulations in the industry. Its product R&D well combines the international trend and complies with the requirements of the clients, thus continuously bringing products that “provide the most worthy production equipment”.


Business address: No.28 Xuchuang Road, Suzhou New Industrial District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. 

Main products: Chocolate Coating Pot, Chocolate Enrobing line, Chocolate Moulding Line, Chocolate Roll Depositing molding Line, Chocolate Ball Mill Machine, Chocolate Conche, Chocolate Making Machine.

Company Profile

Maike Food Machinery was established in 2002 and is located in Suzhou New Developed Area, close to Hu-Ning Railway and NO. 312 National Highway. The Jing-Hang Grant Canal flows through the city.

Maike Food Machinery is manufacturing almost chocolate equipment and is good at chocolate coating pot, chocolate molding line(Traditional chain mode).

Maike food machinery enjoy convenient transportation and produces chocolate machinery and has a long history in this field. Maike food machinery import advanced technology continuously and adopt high-degree accurate manufacturing plant. Maike has passed ISO9001:2000 certification. In addition, Maike obtains the honorary title of "abiding by contracts and keeping our word".

Maike mainly produce chocolate filling and pouring lines, chocolate ball milling machines, chocolate tanks, automatic tempering machines, tempering tanks, vibrating tables, chocolate enrobing lines, cooling tunnels, sweet ball forming machines, gold coin embossing presses, Maike chocolate filling machines, moulage machines, hot chambers, polishing pots, peanut crushers, peanut coat shelling machines, etc.


Business address: No.88 Datong Road, Huguan Industrial Park, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, China.

Main products: Chocolate Coating Machine Series, Chocolate Molding line, Chocolate Enrobing machine, Chocolate Making Machine, Chocolate Production Line, Chocolate Equipment, Candy Depositing equipment.

Company Profile

Suzhou Lejoy Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of chocolate equipment. It is a modern factory integrating research, design, production, sales and after-sales service. It is located in xushuguan town, an ancient town in Jiangnan, which runs through Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, National Highway 312 and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and is located in Xuguan Industrial Park.

Lejoy Machinery is manufacturing almost chocolate equipment and is good at chocolate coating machine series and chocolate molding production line(Traditional chain mode).

Lejoy Machinery sold well in China and also export chocolate coating machine series and chocolate molding line to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Pakistan, Russia etc more than 50 countries and regions. Lejoy has passed ISO9001:2000 and CE certification.



Business address: No.288 Caofeng Road, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, China.

Main products: Chocolate Ball Mill machine, Chocolate Conche Machine, Chocolate Coating line, Long Biscuit Stick Chocolate Enrobing Machine, Chocolate Holding Tank, Chocolate Molding Line, Chocolate Melting Tank, Sugar Grinding Machine, Chocolate Polishing Machine. 

Company Profile

Suzhou Jinyuanfa Food Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2010, focuses on producing complete sets of chocolate equipment. The company has gathered several chocolate equipment experts in the industry, and has been engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, creating high-quality chocolate machine with rich experience.

Suzhou Jinyuanfa Machinery is manufacturing almost chocolate equipment and is good at chocolate ball mill machine, chocolate molding line(Traditional chain mode) and long biscuit stick chocolate enrobing machine.

Suzhou Jinyuanfa Machinery insists on a corporate philosophy of people-oriented, be loyal to customers and credit management. Suzhou Jinyuanfa sold well in China and also export chocolate machines to Middle East, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc more than 40 countries and regions and has passed ISO9001:2000 and CE certification.


Business address: Landlord of No.5 Machinery Factory, No.128 Yong 'an Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone (Hengtang Science and Technology Industrial Park), Suzhou City, China.

Main products: Chocolate Ball Mill machine, Chocolate Enrobing line, Chocolate Conche machine, Chocolate Tempering machine, Chocolate Holding Tank, Chocolate Molding Line, Chocolate Melting Tank, Sugar Grinding Machine, Chocolate Polishing machine, Chocolate complete Processing equipment, Chocolate Airflow Dry Coal pulverize, Drawing Print machine, Chocolate Coating machine, Chocolate Refiner, Chocolate insulation cylinder.

Company Profile

Suzhou Mingjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional chocolate machine supplier for chocolate ball mill and chocolate enrobing. Mingjin Machinery is located at Suzhou-the famous tourist city of China, transportation facilitates extremely adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai railway, only 1.5 hour drive to Shanghai Airport and Shanghai port.   

We believe that innovation is the power of the company, Mingjin invested heavily in R&D to innovate and introduce new technologies. For example, the success of developing MJ ball mill machine, it can improve efficiency to over 10 times compared to traditional mill machine, reaching the leading level in the world.

Suzhou Mingjin Machinery is professional for chocolate ball mill machine and chocolate enrobing machine, sold well in China and export to Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Korea, Russia etc more than 50 countries. Mingjin Machinery has passed ISO9001:2000 and CE certification.


Business address: B2-2 NO.19, haoxin road, yongquan street, wenjiang, Chengdu City, China.

Main products

Chocolate Ball Mill machine, Chocolate Enrobing line, Chocolate Conche machine, Chocolate Tempering machine, Chocolate Holding Tank, Chocolate Molding Line, Chocolate Melting Tank, Mini Chocolate Depositor, Frozen Slush Machine, Chocolate Packing Machine, Chocolate Ice Cream Machine.

Company Profile

Chengdu LST Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is located in B2-2 NO.19, haoxin road, yongquan street, wenjiang district, Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.

LST Provide Mini chocolate Depositor and Gummy depositor in China. Adapting advanced technology, LST is continuously improve equipment with more powerful functions. LST developed a high precision ball-grinding machine, with the grinding precision of 20-30 micrometer, which is about 12 times more precise than domestic grinding cylinder.

LST has mastered the most advanced international DTG continuous polishing technique. The working efficiency is about 30 times of domestic polishing pot. PLC makes it more straightforward, simpler to operate our equipment and more stable in producing process.


Business address: Tianjin city Dongli District Junliangcheng North East junction

Main products

Chocolate Molding Line, Chocolate Making Machine,Chocolate Holding Tank, Chocolate Melting Tank

Company Profile

Tianjin Kosenna food Machinery equipment Co., LTD. (formerly Tianjin Yuming Food Machinery Factory) was founded in 1997, after more than 20 years of professional development, has become a domestic and foreign engaged in chocolate molding equipment series of machinery manufacturing, research market development, sales, as one of the sole investment enterprises. Relying on scientific and technological innovation and quality based service concept, the company promotes the development of Chinese chocolate industry and is committed to going to the world and serving the world.



Today, the epidemic has caused huge losses to the global economy. How to recover the losses as soon as possible and find new development opportunities? The key is to find new products that meet market needs! The chocolate industry giants are accelerating the research and development of new chocolate products, which will bring new development opportunities.

Find a good product and find a good equipment to produce it. The maturity and reliability of the equipment are very important! This is the key to the success of your project! You'd better ask the equipment supplier to provide continuous and real-time equipment production, as well as specific plans for equipment installation and commissioning and after-sales service. This is an important reference for ordering equipment. We hope that you will understand the top ten brands of Chinese chocolate machine after reading this article, and find suitable suppliers for your chocolate innovation and projects through these excellent manufacturer brands.

Of course, if you need new chocolate products or chocolate machines, you can also contact us. We are happy to provide you with innovative chocolate ideas and production solutions.

In China, every chocolate machine manufacturer has its own best technology, and the best chocolate molding line manufacturer and innovator in China is g&d. Welcome to visit our website for more information, or you can contact us immediately to get a quote.

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