Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate Modular Production Line

Will there be chocolate equipment that can meet the needs of product innovation for more than ten years? Maybe you will wonder whether this equipment will not be replaced by more advanced equipment. 
Yes,this line will always keep advanced and usefull for more than ten years!

Let's take a look at what kind of device it is and the technology behind it!

1. Why is it a chocolate modular production line?

Modular equipment solves a big headache for many chocolate manufacturers - when existing equipment cannot meet the needs of new products, they have to order new production lines. Although the old equipment can still be used, they have to face obsolescence.

The concept of modularization was put forward by KNOBEL and AWEMA, a well-known Swiss chocolate equipment manufacturer. It subverts the closed technical model of traditional chocolate production lines. The addition or replacement of functional modules brings new functions to the production line and meets the evolving product needs of chocolate producers.

The modular technology of KNOBEL and AWEMA has led the development trend of global chocolate production equipment, and Mars, Hershey's and Godiva have adopted modular production lines to produce their chocolate and product innovations.
Swiss KNOBEL modular chocolate production line

2. The difference between chocolate modular production lines and traditional machines

The modular design concept of Swiss KNOBEL and AWEMA makes the production line an open production system. By adding and combining new modular machines, the expansion of functions and production capacity is realized. Modular technology subverts the closed technical model of traditional chocolate production lines so that the production line constantly meets the needs of new products.

As the earliest company in China to develop modular chocolate equipment, g&d put forward more advanced technical ideas and innovations for modular technology, which has been recognized by well-known users including Mars, Godiva, Hershey's, Nestle, etc.

The main differences between g&d modular production lines and traditional machines are as follows:

1) Original Linear Modular Design
The production line can be quickly added new functional standalone machines, and easily realize the expansion of the function and production capacity of the equipment.

2) Molds Running Freely
Molds running on the modular production line, are no longer fixed to the chain, molds running freely on the conveyor belt, with accurate positioning, flexible production and rich application.
The traditional production line mold hung on the chain
The modular production line mold operation

3) All Molds Pass Through Each Equipment

The production rhythm control is compact and free if a single machine fails, and the whole line is automatically suspended.

4) Independent Electronic Control
The functional stand-alone machines that make up the modular production line have independent electronic control and are interconnected with adjacent stand-alone machines.

5) The layout of the modular production line is very flexible
In addition to the linear type, there are also U-shaped, L-shaped, S-shaped and other forms to meet different sizes of production workshops.
U-shaped layout of modular production lines

3. Advantages of g&d chocolate modular production line

Compared with the modular production lines of KNOBEL and AWEMA in Switzerland, g&d's modular production lines have more technical advantages and are constantly upgraded with the requirements of users such as Mars, Godiva, Hershey’s and Nestle.

1) Original "linear Space" Upper and Lower Technology
Makes full use of the space, which is more flexible and free than the ring modular design, and more production lines can be arranged in the same workshop.

2) Original "light Moving" Light CNC Depositing Technology
The depositing load is only about 10kg, which runs faster and lighter, and the energy consumption is saved significantly, only 50% of similar equipment.

3) "Block One", "Both Side", "Runs knowing" and Other Technologies
Make equipment production more advanced and convenient to combine.

4) "Pre-Set" Technology
g&d's "Pre-Set" technology further makes the production line a better modular device. Users can achieve rapid installation and debugging, and the equipment combination is faster.

5) Nearly 50 functional modules
g&d Nearly 50 functional modules support user product research and development and innovation.

At the same time, the g&d deep chocolate industry chain factory provides technical support for the innovation needs of users.

4. Capacity of g&d chocolate modular production line

The modular production line of g&d meets the needs of users with large production capacity in two ways. One is a single machine with a large production capacity, and the other is through a combination of equipment, such as the One Shot production line. The maximum production capacity of g&d can reach 2000kg/h, which is providing a large production capacity for Nestle China. The molding speed of the Nestle China production line can reach about 40 modes per minute.
In addition to large production capacity, the modular production of g&d also has multi-functional functions to meet the production needs of users for a variety of products.
The modular production line of g&d can also realize the rapid combination of two production line modules. When users need to develop new products, two production lines can be combined into one so as to reduce the market investment risk of new products.

5. Types of g&d chocolate modular production line

● Lollipop production line series
● Book molding production line series
● Cold Press production line series
● Kitkat production line series
No matter what type of production line the user buys, as long as the user has a demand, the production line can be combined into any of the eight series or combine new production lines to meet special product needs.

6. Disadvantages and shortcomings of chocolate modular production line

The price of the modular production line is much higher than that of the traditional production line. The reason is related to how many modular machines the production line includes. Another reason is that each modular has independent electronic control and structure, and the manufacturing cost is higher than that of traditional equipment.

What do you think of this problem? Let's take a look at the case of Golden Chocolate in India.

Since 2010, Golden Chocolate has successively purchased g&d 6 different chocolate production lines. In 2020, Golden Chocolate wants to invest in the Decoration Lollipop production line. However, under the global epidemic, Golden Chocolate needed to control investment risks, so they order some new equipment and combined them with the old equipment ten years ago to form a new production line. After the product was put on the market, it was very successful.
The old equipment of ten years ago produced new products, and Golden Chocolate was pleased that the equipment investment a decade ago was still valuable and found a new market with a smaller cost.
So how should manufacturers choose modular chocolate equipment?
1. Select products, it is better not to exceed three sets of molds in one production line.
2. Select a functional machine according to the needs of the product, and there is no need to choose many functions for the production line at one time.
3. If the budget is limited, some equipment just selects the most necessary machines, and others can be replenished as needed in the future.
4. If the sales of both products are good, the production line can be split and reassembled into two production lines.
5. If you predict that the sales of a product will be very good, you can choose a cooling tunnel with a large production capacity to facilitate the expansion of production capacity in the future.

In the long run, the modular production line provides more product innovation opportunities for manufacturers. Through the combination and expansion of equipment, the value of the equipment originally invested has existed for a long time.

7. Which famous chocolate brands have chosen the g&d chocolate modular production line?

The Chinese factories of Godiva, Mars, Hershey's and Nestle have chosen the g&d chocolate molding line to produce their products. Why do they all choose to cooperate with g&d?

Because g&d has a dedicated chocolate industry chain, including 4 chocolate industry chain factories and 2 R&D centers, the company has been focusing on chocolate molding technology for nearly 20 years. It is the most professional and innovative supplier of chocolate equipment in the field of chocolate depositing in China.

G&d is not only the best supplier of chocolate modular equipment but also provides users with full-industry chain services from product creativity, styling design, and product testing to production solutions.

G&d provides users with valuable product innovation services and reliable production technology services.
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