The kitkat production process

KitKat is a famous chocolate product of Nestle. 
But up to now, there is no better automatic production solution.
We solved the problem successfully.

After more than one years experiment and continuous production in our chocolate factory,the production line can work perfectly.
This is the kitkat which made in our factory.
This is the process to produce kitkat:

First step:the mold will be fully heated on the heating machine.

Second step:deposit the first film chocolate by the first servo depositor,then balence the chocolate by a vibration machine.

Third step:the whole piece wafer will be cutted to needed size by a cut machine of No.5,No.6 machine will aline the wafer into the same array with mold.

The No.4 feed machine will feed the wafer on chocolate.

No.7 conveying machine is used to put wafer manually if any missing by machine.

Fifth step:the chocolate will pass through the No.8 pre-cooling tunnel to avoid the wafer float on chocolate.

Sixth step:deposit the cover chocolate by the No.9 servo depositor then vibration.

Seventh step:the chocolate will enter into final cooling tunnel.

Last step:the chocolate will go to the demoulding machine by the lower layer of production line to No.1 demoulding machine

Now,this is the finished kitkat!

We promised to our users,we need to made the product out in our factory first.

Make sure the production line can work stably and reliably,then ship to users.


By this way, they can see the real production before shipment,no need worry about the performance of machines.

If the budget is enough, Kitkat can be upgraded 2 filling taste, with soft or mixed filling and wafer.

It brings consumers a brand-new taste experience.

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