How to achieve mass production of biscuit lollipop decoration chocolate?


How to achieve the mass production of biscuit lollipop decorated chocolate?

 Biscuit lollipop with decorated chocolate are welcomed by the children market. The biscuit stick not only novel, but also help to improve the taste and reduce the cost. But the speed of decorating, the automatic biscuit feeding and the automatic packing into tray or box limits the capacity, how to solve the capacity problem?

Larger mold size

g&d's research engineer have already considered the production solution for customers.
g&d's existing decorating depositor, demolding machine,Cooling tunnel can adapat to the large size of 450mm * 450mm mold.
Automatic biscuit feed by Robot Arm
The production capacity solution of automatic biscuit lining and robot arm feeding has been mature. Demolding & automatic traying and boxing also provide customers with greater production capacity.

g&d's research engineer in our chocolate research factory also provide customers with good
 cooling tunnel which can control well of temperature & humility inside the machine, so that the biscuit chocolate has a longer shelf life.
Use the larger size mold, there will have 96 products in one mold, each product is 6g, and the production line is designed to run at a speed of 10~12 molds/min, so the capacity of this biscuit lollipop decorated chocolate can reach 350kg~400kg per hour.
Different shape of biscuit or wafer can be feeding on the chocolate.
Sam Dabbous
lovely animal design. Send you the message, Can I place an order for this products?
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