The important component of chocolate moulding line --- advantage of final cooling tunnel


g&d final cooling tunnel has fast mold entry speed,good cooling effect, and has many advanced features and advantages in the "structure design", "operational performance", "configuration selection" and other aspects..Users include many famous brands such as Mars, Hershey and Godiva.

1."Structure Design" advantage

“Variable Lifting“ structure

The final cooling tunnel adopt with bracket structure and up and down lift, make full use of space.

Mold bracket spacing is variable, can adapt to the different height of the mold.



Up and down lifting runs independently and coordinated control,runs reliably.

“Air Upload“ design

Adopt the upper wind duct design, the cold air circulation and distribution is uniform and sufficient.

Internal circulation of cold air to reduce the impact of workshop temperature on the cooler.

With better temperature and humidity control to ensure the quality of chocolate.

“Pre-Set“ technology

Adopting pre-installed technology, the total power supply connect to the cooler directly.

Greatly reduce the installation time and save the cost of power cord access for users.



2.“Operation Performance“ advantage

“Moving Fast“

Push two molds to the cooler each time,running speed is very fast.

Cooler operation parameter setting is flexible and adjustable according to specific products.

“Dry Control”

There is a condenser under the cooler, moisture can be drained outside.

Good humidity control, suitable for cookie wafer chocolate and kitkat.

 “Saving Power”

Reasonable structure of cold air circulation, reducing the frequency of compressor start/stop.

Automatic defrosting, energy consumption is more than 30% lower than the same capacity equipment.


3.“configuration selection“advantage

“All SS“material

Machine frame, door and chain are made of stainless steel.

“Famous Brands” for cooling system

Germany bitzer compressor

USA electrical parts Emerson

Denmark Expansion valve Danfoss


Anti-vibration tube Italy Kasto

“Servo Pushing” system

Servo controlled mold pushing.

Adopted German Igus guide rail.

Adopt flexible push design.

With strict requirements of chocolate big brand user , many configuration of the original components are used world famous brands, the workmanship of the equipment are very high standard.

Our cooler has very good temperature and humidity control, at least 30% energy saving than other domestic manufacturers.

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