What's so special about g&d's SUPER MODULAR Chocolate Making Machines?

  • What's so special about the SUPER MODULAR Chocolate Production Line of g&d Chocolate Machinery?

Can be extended Such as LEGO !!!

  • Super Modular technology brings new life to the chocolate production line. But what's so special with G&D's Chocolate Super Modular production line? ? ?  In short,G&D's Super Modular technology can provides Chocolate Molding Machines with over 20 years of innovation and production capacity.

Let's take a look at its features

※ Super Flexible

Machines can Move easily,Super flexible and convenient.
    • The combination of different functions of the Lines can be done within ten minutes.

    • According to different product needs, we have more than hundreds of combinations of chocolate production lines to choose from.

    ※ Super Multi-function.

With a great many functions, more than 50 stand-alone functional Machines for customers to choose, relying on China's best chocolate industry chain factory,to provide users with a full range of technical solutions.

     ※ Super Saving
Light CNC Technology Can Save More Electric Energy.
  • The Decorating Plate is independently designed. Very Easy and Fast to change.

  • For the user to save a lot of costs when depositing different kinds of chocolate.

    ※ Super Capacity

Taking 12.5 g One Shot products as an example;

 It can provide users with a production line with a maximum capacity of 2 tons per hour.
     ※ Super Economic
All the functions of the device can be extended to achieve rapid convergence with new functions.The value of equipment will never disappear. Through new combination, the production line will get new life. The follow-up investment of users is less, and the overall investment is the most economical.
If you are interested in our technology and want to know more details about G&D Chocolate Machinery please click the link below:
not like AWEMA, but smarter!
Sam Dabbous
fantastic, good ideas...
Combine like LOGO for machines, interesting!
Alejandro Oscar Estevez
Great innovation.
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