How to make chocolate innovation


Most of the customers are waiting and watching the market, and they hardly dare to move ahead during the current epidemic situation.

Is it that No one is moving ahead? Obviously not.

Who is moving? The international chocolate giants, famous chocolate brand as well as some of those with innovative products.

Some of these market players will definitely succeed.

Shouldn't you also plan ahead and do something about it?


What is the best chocolate innovation?

So what do you have to do to capture the market and the good product?

Where is the direction?

Market is the bull nose, only large enterprises can pull, small and medium-sized companies can only imitate.

Then, we will help our users find the big and famous brand products which already have market basis.

Then make upgrade!

How do you think so?


We prepared many products reference for you,please let me know if you want to know more!

How could you believe in what we said?

We cost many years for deeply development of chocolate moulding line.

No one else can do better than us in China.

Already had a perfect chocolate industrial chain.

There are chocolate machine factory,chocolate development factory,mold factory,R&D center in our group.


So we can help you from mold design to the finished chocolate.

You can test your new products in our chocolate factory so that there is no risk on your side.

We can also help train your engineer and operator in our chocolate factory.


Why the technology can support your chocolate innovation for 20 years?

The production line can always keep advanced to make new chocolate in the market by adding new modules.

It is proved by one of our customer Golden Chocolate PVT India.

Our linear modular design enable you can add any functional machines to the production line at any time.





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